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    Daoscape offers resilience-building resources that revolve around aiming to flow more and stagnate less – beginning with all aspects of mindfulness skills.

    These skills are taught by referencing Taoist/Zen principles enshrined within traditional mindful arts passed down to us from ancient China.

    About the director of daoscape:

    Daoscape's managing director is Tristan Petts; a British citizen, who lived in China and explored traditional Chinese mindful arts there for more than 15 years. He has practiced mindfulness meditation and related arts since 2003, and has completed the standard 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction/Cognitive Therapy (MBSR/CT) course. In addition, he has attended mindfulness teacher development training under the highly experienced therapist, mindfulness trainer & coach Dr Patrizia Collard of Enter Mindfulness, who is the author of various mindfulness books, including 'Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy For Dummies'. Dr Collard has studied mindfulness meditation directly from Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn as well as Prof. Mark Williams of Oxford University's Mindfulness Centre. Enter Mindfulness has formally certified Tristan Petts to teach the standard 8 week MBCT course mindfulness practices.

    Since 2012, Tristan has been formally studying traditional Chinese Zen calligraphy and ZhanZhuang Chinese standing yoga, and in 2013 began his formal study of traditional Chinese 'written spirit' painting.
    In 2014 he began hosting weekly mindfulness activities at a traditional Chinese teahouse, and in 2015 he began teaching 'Zen' calligraphy and painting.
    In 2016 he organised mindful hiking and camping trips, which included traditional tea ceremonies, mindfulness meditations, and simple seated yoga in nature. He also began teaching basic taichi and kungfu.
    In 2017 he created and began facilitating 8 week general mindfulness drop-in classes on a rolling basis - one 8 week course for entry level mindfulness students and another 8 week course for mindfulness practitioners who already have a mindfulness discipline in place.
    In 2018, he facilitated a number of mindfulness sessions for WeYoga, Beijing - a high end yoga studio run by Indian Yoga Master Ashish Bahuguna.
    In 2019, Tristan was awarded a University Diploma in Counselling Studies and Skills by Derby University in the United Kingdom, and published the book Mindfulness: Simple Instructions for a More Mindful Life.
    In 2020, he published the book Mindfulness and Traditional Chinese Zen Arts: The Way of Calligraphy, Painting, Kung Fu, and Tea.
    In 2022, Tristan graduated from St Andrews University, United Kingdom, having gained a Masters of Science degree (distinction award), and founded the company Daoscape Ltd.
    In 2023, he published the book Tao Te Ching for Mindfulness: A practice-oriented translation of Lao-Tzu’s classic wisdom..

    Tristan enjoys attending meditation retreats and discussing classical philosophy, as well as indoor gardening, photography, and hiking with good friends. He has taught three cycles of a standard eight week secular mindfulness course, and has delivered many classes of traditional Chinese mindful arts to participants from a range of cultural backgrounds and nationalities - often on a weekly rolling basis.


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